Declan O'Sullivan success story

“At age 44 the mid life spread was starting to get more and more prominent and the scales were creeping up – heading towards 50 years old and 16 stone. Being new to the area EMF was both local and recommended through a friend who also had great results.

Outside the gym my weight has dropped from a lifetime high of 15 stone 2 pounds on the first of Feb to currently 13 stone 4 pounds.  Inside the gym I’ve seen the weights I’m lifting, “the tonnage” as Eoin called it, increasing over time. On the positive side this has lead to more energy and increased confidence. On the negative side I now have a few shirts that are too big for me.

There is a great balance in the PT classes – you get 1:1 attention with regard to what your doing, your form, your progress and at the same time there are usually 1 or 2 other people training as well to feed off from a motivation point of view and have a laugh with.  What I really enjoy is the relaxed atmosphere coupled with the expert knowledge available to tap into.

The holistic approach taken by EMF works. Outside of the gym consistently tracking my weight and calories daily has meant I understand how to balance my diet and lifestyle. This knowledge combined with progress in the gym has lead to the personal improvements I’ve seen.  In my four and a half months working with EMF I have yet to pick up a single twinge or ache which is testimony to the care taken with ensuring the techniques are done correctly and the progress is steady and gradual.

The in house competitions (sled challenge, burpee challenge and 2 week weight loss challenge) all help to keep the focus and tap into any competitive natures. One of the big differences that sets EMF apart from others is the personal touch including the catch up emails during the week helping with the diet side of the process.

I could not recommend Eoins services highly enough and have even backed that up with getting my wife down for classes.”

Declan O'Sullivan