Karina Murphy success story

“I was getting married last year and wanted to tone up. My friend was going to Eoin’s classes and recommended him to me so I went to the classes and never looked back. Due to work commitments I found it hard to get to the classes so I did some personal training instead as I didn’t want to put the weight back on or lose too much of the muscle that I had gained. The classes are brilliant but progression is better with the PT.

I was shocked at the benefits of the weight lifting and strength training. I had never done it before and I found I felt great after it, got the same mood boost after it as with cardio and wasn’t as tired after it as cardio. I was also very surprised at the benefit it had in other areas of my life such as sports and everyday tasks. I improved at netball when I started to do strength training. I was stronger so I was more confident and more able to stand my ground against opponents. My legs were stronger which helped with running and jumping and my arms were stronger which helped with getting more force behind my passes. I also found long distance running was generally easier and all round I feel stronger and fitter.

I lost weight and gained muscle so I felt better about my body and I also felt a lot stronger and this made everything easier from carrying grocery bags and suitcases to putting petrol in the car. My legs got stronger so I found I could last all day at work in heels or all night on a night out which I struggled with before! There were lots of little unexpected benefits like this. It sounds stupid but if all these little things are easier then you are less tired and have more energy.

I don’t normally like gyms as I find them a bit intimidating. I loved EMF because it wasn’t like that at all. I never felt out of place there and everyone is very friendly and approachable and it is like a little community. The EMF gym is a nice place to be and I don’t find that with other gyms. Eoin is always upbeat, friendly, professional and flexible and will always try to accommodate you and takes a genuine interest in your progress.”

Karina Murphy