Marie Mc Sweeney success story

“I decided to start personal training as a form of stress release . I was never a sporty girl, if truth must be told I was the sub they threw on the pitch for a run around for the last 5 mins. With changes in my career and moving around I’ve met some amazing trainers over the years and some not so good. I was apprehensive getting a new trainer after a negative experience however Eoin’s extensive knowledge and vision towards health and fitness blew me away.

The results I have seen? Wow where do I begin! I no longer have an unhealthy relationship between my food is paramount . I can go out and socialise with my better half ,my friends family and not feel guilty .Eoin has taught me so much and I am beyond gratefully.Having completed a course in personal training in Jan …. I can say whole heartily it was the knowledge I have gained from Eoin that will take me places . I was never a big girl to begin with however like most women I was highly critical,I now find myself checking out my quads, my delts, my back and zooming in on areas I’m happy with instead of focusing on my flaws. Mentally I am a much happier and confident lady and this is down to Eoin and his well rounded person centred approach.

So I decided to do a photo shoot just to set myself a goal and thankfully Eoin was able to arrange it as he was already doing one with a number of other clients and even himself. Dieting leading up to the shoot was perfect . I still eat out I still socialised with friends and family from time to time . Yes I was in a calorific deficit but that only helped me gain more knowledge about my food ,I was always thinking how much protein carbs fats, fibre. Continuously calculating my macros therefore I never felt completed restricted as I I was always able to factor in my Solero ice cream! Training again was very doable, I trained 4 days a week and was just conscious of keeping my activity level up outside of this.

The mental aspects by far outweigh the physical for me , I loved it and it has just became second nature to me now !The process was slow being small initially we knew it would be so to focus on process and trust eoin was paramount to my success.

The banter down EMF way is second to none! lol Its just such a friendly happy fun environment . The min you walk in the door you can’t help but feel more relaxed . It’s a “safe” environment, I felt completely comfortable and was not one bit self conscious ever . With out a shadow of a doubt would I recommend EMF.”

Marie Mc Sweeney