I came to EMF after a lot of persuasion from my husband. I had previously lost a lot of weight through a very strict diet and then plucked up the courage to join a regular gym. However, as with all strict, restrictive diets, they don’t last. I also began to fall away from the gym. No matter how fit I was becoming, I always felt intimidated whenever I was there. I got bored of the same work out and had no confidence to ask for assistance or to try new things myself. My husband had been to EMF, but through work schedule couldn’t commit. The idea of a class terrified me given my size and general unfitness, but I really had to try something new. He knew my fears, so I trusted him when he guaranteed I would like it.

What I encountered in EMF was zero pressure. I walked in the first night and immediately I was greeted with a big hello and welcome from Phil. Now, he said, that’s the worst bit over. By nature I’m a very competitive person, but in EMF, my only competitor is myself. There are people of all shapes, sizes and ability. Everything is at my own pace but with the room and encouragement from all the lads to push myself if I want to. Also, the fact that I was physically able to do all the exercises really spurred me on to keep going. The biggest shock was actually how fast the class goes. There’s no clock watching!

The biggest positive I have taken so far is my own desire to actually go to the gym. I’m not dragging my behind down there, I’m not making excuses not to go and I’m disappointed if I’ve to cancel for any reason. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight since joining EMF, well I’m not sure, and this is because I don’t weigh myself anymore. I can feel the shape of my body in my clothes fitting better, I have visible collar bones!!! Anyway, I’m a mom of 5 kids from ages 5-13 so a bikini bod isn’t going to be on the cards anytime soon….well who knows.

Although Eoin, Phil and Dean are unbelievable at what they do, they can’t control what I put in my mouth, that’s my responsibility. However, EMF has given me a change in attitude. It has given me the belief in myself that I can be strong, fit and healthy. Also the fact that the kids see me going so often can only be a good thing for them.

I couldn’t recommend EMF enough. It’s perfect for people who like me have different fears and apprehensions. The classes work well especially around the kids. I can go in the mornings and/or evening. One of my favourite things also is the variety, no two classes are the same, nobody is doing the same thing at the same time so nobody is taking any notice of each other.
Many companies and organisation have their own unique selling point, and few live up to it despite having plenty of money to spend on marketing etc. However at EMF, Eoin has truly encapsulated his lifting and laughing ethos and sticks to it. This is literally what we do there.

Aoife Bennett