I needed to build strength as I had been recently diagnosed with osteopenia and needed to prevent it getting worse, also needed to tighten up and get fitter.

The Craic and fun, makes it something I look forward to twice a week instead of dreading it!!

I feel so much better and have gained confidence in how I do my circuits, coming from not having a clue to being reasonably confident now. Thanks to both Phil and Dean 🙂 (Bríd also but I have only met her once)

Yes it has and while going to the gym and doing my regime has made a big difference and it also meant that I have had to finish work on time to make the gym so it has improved my work life balance

Absolutely, EMF makes everyone welcome from the warm hello when you walk in to the dignity you are treated with during your session no matter the level of fitness or ability, well done to all !

Claire Lyons