Susan O'Sullivan success story

“To cut a long story short my health wasn’t the best so I was given a right kick in the rear and told lose the weight and get my cholesterol down to an acceptable level. I’d heard all sorts fantastic stories about EMF and finally, after seeing such an amazing transformation of a neighbour I decided that was it., it was time to get control of my life and weight back.

I didn’t expect everyone and I mean everyone to be so nice and friendly. Only a few members knew my heartbreaking past and I honestly knew from the first class I went to that I’d finally found a gym that was literally made for me. There are no prima Donna’s there and not a treadmill in sight, just one brutal looking sleigh that doesn’t like me but I’ll overlook that part. All of this makes it easier to go back to the gym every time.

I’ve lost weight and reduced my cholesterol to a level my doctor is happy with. I now have a new lease of life lol I find I’m constantly trying to better the day before step count I’m watching what I eat, I LOVE PROTEIN BARS lol.

And above all else, my mental health has radically improved thanks to the banter there. The ‘girls’ are fab not mentioning any names Val & Siobhan cough cough and when I drive into the car park and see their cars parked I know it’s going to be a good work out.

Since the death of my husband I’d struggled to get out. I didn’t care how I looked or what my weight was. I have an amazing family who were all ready to step in and help with my two little girls. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for my mum and dad minding the two girls I wouldn’t have been able to complete the 10-week program at the beginning and go to the morning classes that are running now. I’d always been very fit from track and field all Ireland medals to running on the Jersey International team so to just start not caring about fitness was not like me at all.

Thanks to EMF I think deep down and I mean DEEP DOWN I think I’m looking forward to doing a leg of the relay in the half marathon in June NOT”

Susan O'Sullivan